5 Common Myths about the Princeton Offense
  1. Stall ball – Nope. This offense has been run in the NBA with both the Sacramento Kings and the LA Lakers using a 24 second shot clock. The tempo of the game can be dictated by calls from the coach or focusing on particular sets. One key to any offense is unpredictability, and by attacking quickly on one possession and then making the defense work on the next position, the opposing team is never able to settle in on defense.
  2. Motion offense – No. A motion offense is an offensive attack relying upon multiple reads from multiple offensive players on each possession. In addition to reading the defense, a motion offense has little control over where your player will be open for the shot or even who is going to be shooting. The Princeton Offense gives a coach control over where the shots come from and who will shoot them. It is not a freelance motion offense.
  3. Only Works for Smart players – Sorta. What offense can any team run that does not have players that understand how to cut, pass, dribble, or shoot? The Princeton Offense has a reputation for being an offense that is too difficult for players with an average basketball IQ to execute. This is a myth. Repetition and teaching make all the difference. In this package, you will get the key teaching phrases and progressions to help your players understand how to score. Not only do you get the terminology needed to install this offense, but you also get the breakdown drills that will make each read and cut into a habit. Remember, the more the players are forced to think, the slower their feet get…the drills and teaching progressions will give you an execution and strategy advantage over your opponent.
  4. Zone Shuts it Down – Yes. If you are not working on shooting everyday in practice then it won’t matter what offense you run whether it be the swing offense, a motion offense, the blocker/mover offense, or simple pick and rolls. Defenses will sag in the paint and prevent you from scoring in the paint. This package includes zone sets that work against any type of zone defense or half court trapping zone. In addition, you will learn the shooting drills and finishing drills that will teach your players the best places to look for shots against any defense. One shot from one spot practiced 100 times is much better than 100 different shots practiced one time. Repetition is the mother of skill, and if you use these shooting drills with the breakdown drills, your teams will score more efficiently than ever.
  5. Limits your best players – NO. This is a common misconception. This offense will give you the opportunity to isolate your best player in their best positions. It is a nightmare to scout because the coach can decide when and where to isolate or attack with the best offensive player on your team. The key here is being able to disguise your isolations within a motion offense concept. Imagine running some cuts and screens for easy baskets, and if the defense is able to stop those initial cuts, then attacking with your best player whether it be in the post or on the perimeter? Denying your best player? Easy to score off backdoor cuts that your team practices everyday.