Point Huskies Free Throw Game

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This free throw shooting drill was designed by Mike Neighbors, Women’s Basketball Coach at Washington.

We are always looking for new ways to incorporate free throw shooting into our full team practices.  This is one we came up with to compete as a team and also have the element of individual competition.

We have six goals in our gym.  We split off to shooters and rebounders at each goal.  10:00 goes
onto the game clock.

Each shooter shoots until they miss.

The shooters must make at least 5 in a row to get a POINT HUSKIES (this is a reference to what our PA
announcer says at our volleyball games)

5 makes in a row equals 1 point.
10 makes in a row = 3 points.    
15 in a row = 5 points.  
20 = 9 points.
25 = 12 points.
30 = 15 points
35 = 20 points.
40 = 25
45 – 32
50 = 40

from 50 on the team gets one point extra per make

The team total is added for each shooter.  So at the end of ten minutes we have a team score.  

We also chart individual scores to keep record boards for individuals.

Couple of things to have provisions for:

1) As the time is geƫting close to zero… any streak that was begun before the 1:00 minute mark can be completed until there is a miss.

2) Any streak that begins within the last :30 seconds can only go to the next increment of five.

3)  How long will you go before you allow “distractions”

Our total team record is 270 so far.  Individual highs are 145 ( yes, 145),  57, 48, 33, 32 and several in the
high 20’s.

Love the competition this breeds.  It is also NO FUN to not have your name called out for long streaks…
We hope this drill will conƟnue to keep us in the Top 10 naƟonally for FT Percentage.

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