Phil Martelli Shooting Drills

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St. Joseph’s Head Basketball Coach Phil Martelli demonstrates four basketball shooting drills that he uses.

The drills utilize the the Gun by Shoot-A-Way. You can see more information about the Gun at

Make sure your speakers are on to see and hear these You Tube videos of basketball shooting drills.

These are You Tube videos, so please make sure that you are on a server that allows You Tube access.


Fill and Fade Shooting Drill

Emphasis is for passer to put the ball in the shooter’s pocket.

You can make the drill competitive by having individual players competing against each other or by having groups of 3s competing against each other.

The most important shot is the next one, not the last one.


Curl and Fade Shooting Drill

Big Curl is for a jump shot, Tight Curl is for a layup


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