Basketball Plays: Slip vs. 2-3 Zone

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These two actions to run against a 2-3 zone defense are some notes from Chris Mack, Head Men’s Coach, Xavier University

You can see the archives of their basketball coaching newsletter at this link: Xavier Newsletter

Xavier runs these sets out of their secondary break, but you could use them as quick hitters or after timeout sets as well.

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Screen Backside



1 dribbles toward 2.

5 and 4 screen in the forward and the top of the zone.

2 cuts off the stagger.







1 passes to 2.

2 dribbles toward 3.








5 and 4 X Screen

5 screens in the defender at the top of the zone.

4 screens in the forward.







2 can skip pass over the top of the zone to 1.

Or, 2 can pass to 5 slipping the screen.






Break Hand Off Pairs



Out of Xavier’s Break Alignment

1 passes to 2.








1 sprints behind 2 to receive a hand off.

3 and 4 interchange on the opposite side.








5 screens in the bottom of the zone for 4.

3 screens in the opposite guard for 2.

1 sees both 4 and 2 cutting.

3 and 5 can slip.

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