Basketball Plays from Brad Stevens

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These plays were contributed by Jon Giesbrecht, Assistant Coach with the University of Winnipeg Men’s program.

He diagrammed the plays from an early season matchup against the Bulls.

You can see several more plays from Brad Stevens as well as other Coaches from various levels and from all over the world by clicking on this link:

to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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Guard Get Trap



Looks as if the action with get in to STS (Little-Big Cross Screen, Big-Little Down Screen) except Jimmy Butler guarding Avery Bradley (2) cheats the screen… Avery comes off of the same side and is wide open…

1 and 5 get into guard get as 2 goes and set cross screen for 4.

2’s defender cheats action, 2 then receives screen from 4.




Pin Pistol Sweep



4 sets wide pin-down for 2, 1 and 2 get into pistol action.

2 keeps ball takes a bounce and reverse to 3.

On the air time of the pass, Horford (#5 in the diagram) pins in help.

3 (Crowder) drives to the rim against weak match-up.





5 Out Reverse Motion



The PG reverses through the trail.

As the 5 looks at the 4, 4 sets a wide pin-down for 2.

As this is happening, 5 goes into a DHO with 2.

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