Australia – Point PTP Sprint

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This play was run by Australia in the Olympics and then diagrammed and contributed by Wes Kosel to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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Wes Kosel is an assistant men’s coach at Augustana University

You might not want to use the plays that I post in their entirety, but my hope is that you can take parts of the plays and use them where they fit for your system.

This is what Coach Kosel said about the play:

Australia uses a pick the picker action in this play with a cross screen / down screen combination. If nothing is there, the big sprints out to set a ball screen.



1 dribbles off of a high ball screen from 5.

2 screens for 4.

5 rolls into a down screen for 2.

1 passes to 2.






4 sprints out to set a ball screen for 2.



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