1-3-1 Zone Offense Prout Push

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Here is a zone offense that I (Coach DeSalvo) have used to prepare for 1-3-1 zone defense. It is designed to get your best player in the middle of the zone to make a play in the heart of the zone.











1-3-1 Zone Offense Prout Push



Start in 1-3-1 alignment

(Start to one side of the floor, the side your most dynamic players is on)

1 passes to 2







2 reverses to 1

1 reverses to 3









3 enters to strong side corner

2 (best player) flashes to high post

1 fades to weak side wing








4 looks to high post for 2 or to skip for 1 for 3 point shot

3 is safety

5 disappears to the opposite box


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